Two Broadcasters – One Luncheon

written by Mikaela Cowles on August 15, 2011 in Luncheons with no comments

two broadcastersAs the voice of the Boston Red Sox’s Radio, Joe Castiglione has seen, night after night, some of the greatest players of all time. He shared with us some of his favorite stories on Friday, August 12, when he joined the RBI Club at our monthly luncheon.

Did you know our skipper, Eric Wedge, got his start at Boston? Castiglione was there. He said, “I’ll never forget in 1991 our manager, Joe Morgan, put him up. It was the last game of the season. He got a base hit and Joe took him out of the game. He batted 1000 for the season.” 1991 was definitely a good year for Wedge.

The luncheon’s Emcee was the Mariners own broadcaster, Rick Rizzs. His excitement over the Mariners young ball club was infectious. He called the Mariners the “Emerald City Kiddies.” What do all these rookies in the lineup mean? Rizzs said, “It means we’re younger, more athletic, and going to get better.”

As the Emerald City Kiddies keep improving, the RBI Club will continue bringing real baseball insights to our members. Stay tuned for our next luncheon guest speaker. You won’t want to miss the kiddies in the flesh.