Online Registration Help – April 25

written by Mikaela Cowles on April 12, 2014 in Luncheons with no comments

Computer Help

Still having trouble registering for RBI Club lunches? Mariners’ staffers, with computers in hand, will be available Friday, April 25, prior to and following the RBI Club luncheon.

Get your questions answered. Walk through the process with hands-on guidance. Pre-register for the remaining 2014 lunches in May, June, July, August and September.


The “New” Online Registration
It was imperative that we upgrade our online registration format. Why? Because we needed to provide you, our members, a secure way to register and pay for lunches online.

The Mariners very graciously stepped up to the plate, utilizing their own credit card processing system. To make the whole thing work, they had to develop a unique format for our season ticketholders. From working through kinks to general maintenance updates, the process has taken a lot of man-hours. We owe a huge thanks to all who are involved.

We also owe a huge thanks to you. Your patience and persistence is invaluable.


Getting Help
Doors open for the April luncheon at 11:30 AM. Prior to hearing from the guest speakers, you’ll be able to work with Mariners’ staffers. Additionally, you’ll be able to meet with them after the luncheon has concluded.