My Oh My

written by Mikaela Cowles on August 22, 2012 in Luncheons with no comments

Standing among the cheering hoard of yellow clad Mariners fans on Tuesday night it was hard not to be swept back to ’95 – to the electric air and pulsing Seattle crowd, to the unbelievable winning streak which united strangers, parents and children, athletes and fans.

It seemed fitting Billy Mac performed his Dave Niehaus tribute song, “My Oh My,” just minutes before the first pitch. Can’t you picture Dave smiling at the packed Safeco Field? “My Oh My,” Dave was saying somewhere. We can be sure of that.

Why the craze? August 21st marked Felix Hernandez’s first return to the mound since his perfect game performance on August 15. It was the 23rd perfect game in Major League Baseball history. In recognition of the “King of Perfection,” the Mariners handed out t-shirts and k-cards to the first 32,000 fans – transforming Safeco Field into the Supreme Court. The game also featured the Mariners yearly trading card night give away and a salute to Japanese heritage.

RBI Club members and guests received significantly discounted tickets to the game, plus an $8.00 food voucher. Sitting in the Terrace Club on the third base side, our group dominated two sections.

There was no better group to watch baseball with. As the gentleman I was sitting next to so acutely put it, “Sitting here, you know you’re surrounded by true Mariners fans.” Around us there was statistical banter and loud hollering. There were RBI Club members throwing their arms up and “Felixing.” There was old school Mariners gear and peanuts passed between friends. To cap the night off – the Mariners beet Cleveland 5 -1 and Felix earned the win.

More videos to come…