Member Highlight – Ken Andrews

written by Mikaela Cowles on September 6, 2012 in Member Highlight with no comments

Since our inception, the RBI Club has been comprised of unique and talented individuals. As we only gather once a month, it’s often difficult to get to know one another. Member Highlights will introduce you to members you might not know and details you might not know about them.

Member Highlight – Ken Andrews
Have you mistake Ken Andrews for someone from the M’s organization? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It happens frequently. “I was in line at Starbucks doing a Sudoku puzzle and a guy asked me, ‘Is that how you fill out a lineup card?’ I’ve caught store clerks staring at my signature on the credit card slip thinking they’s discovered an autograph. Funny part is, I don’t know who I may look like!” he recounted. Perhaps it’s because he can always be found clad in M’s gear?

Ken began collecting Mariners paraphernalia in 1997 when he attended his first game. He brought his soon John who was 3-years-old at the time. Going to the ball game has continued to be a tradition. For years, Ken took his dad Walt and Uncle George to one day game a year at Safeco. A couple years ago, the threesome won Rally Fries. (Both Walt and George passed earlier this year at age 99.)Ken’s season tickets are near Wilma Muir, whom invited him to join the RBI Club in 2001. (A big thank you to Wilma.) He said he’s: “Grateful to have the RBI Club through which, just by our membership, we can contribute to such great causes.  I’ve met some great friends here and enjoy their company while being entertained by baseball-centered programs.”

Ken has been an avid photographer most of his life. He is a frequent golfer and enjoys walking and riding his bike. Lately, he’s taken up watercolor painting. If we ask nicely, do you think he’ll submit an image to share with the club?