Mariners Rookies in the House

written by Mikaela Cowles on September 17, 2011 in Luncheons with no comments

Wondering what it’s like to make it to the big leagues? RBI Club members and guest had the unique opportunity to hear from Trayvon Robinson and Steve Delabar, two Mariner young guns.

Delabar and Robinson talked with RBI Club Members, took photos and signed autographs.

Both rookies were called up to the Majors mid-season. “It’s a dream come true,” Robinson grinned. When asked who he was the most excited to meet, Robinson said, “Derek Jeter.” He recalled not long ago playing Jeter on his video game.” Making it from the gang-infested streets of South Central L.A. to the Mariners was no small feat. His mom, aunt, and grandmother all supported him and stressed the importance of sports. After being drafted out of high school by the L.A. Dodgers, Robinson made his way through the minors.

While Robinson was playing in the Minor Leagues, Delebar was playing slow pitch softball and substitute teaching. “Slow pitch softball is no joke,” Delabar informed the luncheon crowd. Atter having undergone Tommy John Surgery, he suffered a broken bone in his elbow. Yet, he didn’t give up. Of the surgery to his elbow Delabar said, “All they told me was it’s a bone. It will heal and that’s how I went with it.

At the luncheon three exclusive items were also auctioned off. Over $350 was raised for Toys for Kids. To find out more about the Toys for Kids Auction, visit their webpage. The three auction items included two separate 3-D autographed pictures of Kurt Busch. The largest auction item was a package deal of two Mariners tickets, an autographed ball signed by Robinson and Delabar, and two tickets to the Damn Yankees at the 5th Avenue Theater.