June’s Two Guest Speakers

written by Mikaela Cowles on June 20, 2011 in Luncheons with no comments

Curious about how the Mariners make their draft picks? Wondering who behind the scenes keeps our players healthy? On June 17, RBI Club members and guests heard from the men who hold those reins: Seattle Mariners Director of Amateur Scouting, Tom McNamara, and Seattle Mariners Head Athletic Trainer, Rick Griffin.

McNamara spoke about recent draft picks and previous Mariner signees, not the least of whom was Dustin Ackley. He said, “Ackley has hidden power and is a natural hitter.” As the Director of Amateur Scouting, McNamara takes part in Mariners Major League Baseball draft. Among the Mariners recent picks was second round Danny Hultzen. McNamara said of Hultzen, “As the old time scouts would say, (Hultzen) hits the glove.” What’s this old time saying mean? If the catcher sets up inside, outside, high or low, he doesn’t have to move his glove. The ball hits the target.

McNamara’s excitement about the recent draft picks and the incredible performance of the young Mariner players was matched by Griffin’s passion to keep our pitchers healthy. As the Mariners Head Trainer since 1983, Griffin knows if we keep our pitchers healthy, we’ll have a good chance of winning. How has Griffin been able to keep pitchers healthy? “Communication,” he says. Constant, open communication between the pitchers, the pitching coaches, and himself has lead to fewer injuries and kept players from pushing into potential problems.

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