July Luncheon Recap

written by Mikaela Cowles on July 18, 2011 in Luncheons with no comments

What is the hardest thing about hitting? Mariners hitting coach Chris Chambliss said it’s, “Saying [to yourself] he’s throwing a curve. I can’t hit a curve. I’m not going to swing at it. And, doing all that in a split second.”

Thankfully, it wasn’t just a split second RBI Club members and guests spent with Chambliss at the luncheon last Friday. He discussed his first impressions of Dustin Ackley and how pleased he is with Ackley’s current success. He talked about the Mariners young ball club and the need to get the young players experience. There were George Steinbrenner stories from when Chambliss played as a Yankee and insights into developing hand-eye coordination. These are only a teaser of the topics covered by Chambliss. You should have been there.

With Chambliss’ rich history, it’s no wonder the three uniform numbers he wore during his 16-year career as a player are being retired. But, “All the numbers will be retired for someone else,” Chambliss laughed. (He wore 14 with the Indians, retired in honor of Larry Doby; 10 with the Yankees, retired in honor of Phil Rizzuto; and 10 with the Braves, which we can easily be assume will be retired in honor of Chipper Jones.)

As Chambliss left to prepare for the game, we were joined again by Billy Mac who sung for us during the May luncheon. He and his Grammy nominee wife, Merrilee Rush. Together they sang “Christmas in Caracas.” The luncheon ended with an impromptu encore of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” by Billy for an added touch of baseball.