2017 Media Day Lunch Recap

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Media Personel

Following last year’s rollercoaster season, the Mariners have turned over 35 players. Or was it 36? According to Shannon Drayer, as of February 3, even the front office wasn’t sure about the exact number.

One fact of which our media guests were certain is the potential for a good showing from the Mariners in 2017. Bob Dutton, baseball beat writer from the Tacoma News Tribune said, “If I were a fan, I would be excited about this team.” 

Shocking as it seems, this positive outlook might very well be linked to the Mariners offense. ESPN 710 Seattle Radio Pre- and Post-Game reporter, Drayer said:

It seems so odd to say this after so many years, but I think the Mariners biggest strength this year is offense. We saw a little new look last year with so many home runs. But they came in bunches, which wasn’t ideal. I think they are better equipped to score runs in a different fashion and not be so reliant on the three-run homerun.

Insights like this were in keeping with what we’d traditionally expect from guests at our annual Media Day. MLB.com and Mariners.com writer, Greg Johns shared his thoughts on how public ballots could improve Edgar Martinez’ chance at the Hall of Fame:

One of the interesting things that happened last year was the vote to make all votes public. Last year, the votes for Edgar were higher among those who shared their ballot than those who kept their vote private. I think making all votes public will change things. There will be more pressure on people to listen to public opinion.

Seattle Times sports columnist, Larry Stone addressed the new culture in the clubhouse:

The change in culture has been really interesting to watch. Starting right from Spring Training Scott [Servais] would have meetings in the clubhouse. He was trying to help the players get to know one another. It’s a great approach. But he also owes a debt of gratitude to Cruz and Felix for buying in. Because if they hadn’t, the whole thing would have been demolished.

As emcee, Root Sports Baseball Studio Anchor, Angie Mentink, told guests, “I’m more excited about this team than I have been in a long time.” It’s a statement she further reinforced during the lunch’s annual wins prediction.


2017 Win Predictions

  • Bob Dutton – 88
  • Greg Johns – 90
  • Larry Stone – 88
  • Shannon Drayer – Does not believe in guessing.
  • Angie Mentink – 90


2017 Media Day Lunch

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ON DECK: February 24

Unfortunately we had to cancel this year’s annual MLB Umpire Lunch. Because of the World Baseball Classic, our favorite fellas behind the plate won’t be able to make it happen. However, we’re excited to announce that we’re introducing an additional February event. February 24, former Mariners President, Chuck Armstrong and Mariners Reliever, Kazuhiro Sasaki will join us as our featured guests.


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