Jamie Moyer Discussions and Book Signings

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Jamie Moyer, co-author of 'Just Tell Me I Cant"

Excerpt: Jamie Moyer and his lovely wife, Karen, recently joined Mariners enthusiasts at several book signings throughout Seattle. They regaled each crowd with stories, answered questions and Jamie graciously took the time to personally inscribe every book.


What Let Jamie Moyer Defy Age? 

For some, garter belts conjure an image of wedding bells and racy nights. For others, they’re a good luck charm. Jamie Moyer counts himself among the latter.

Straight from the baseball classic, “Bull Durham,” Jamie began wearing a purple garter belt, straps and all, when he was struggling on the mound.

Why and how? While coming back from an injury in 1993, he fell into a pitching slump. His childhood friend, Scooter Myers, sent him the lovely piece with instructions to wear it.

He did. He won. He kept wearing it, stuffing it in his back pocket before starts, sneaking away to the bathroom to slip it on and storing it in his shaving kit during his days off.

It’s a secret he kept well. So well even his wife, Karen, didn’t know. As a couple, Jamie and Karen are the definition of partnership. Supporting each other’s passions and ambitions, secrets were few and far between. They shared nearly everything, including wins and losses, 42 different moves and eight different teams. Together, they have raised (and are raising) eight children, founded The Moyer Foundation and helped thousands of kids world wide overcome the disadvantages of poor health, lack of education and tough home lives.

Jamie Moyer with RBI Club Members at New Day Northwest

Click on photo to view a complete album from Jamie’s tour.

Currently, the two are on tour for Jamie’s new book, Just Tell Me I Can’t. A non-fiction memoir co-authored by Larry Platt, it provides a detailed account of how Jamie mastered the mental game to become the oldest Major League pitcher in baseball history. With a fastball that rarely saw the 80s, he lived on the corners, throwing a changeup that had batters breaking bats over their knees on more than one occasion.

He attributes his success to sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman. While the two men rarely saw one another, Harvey constantly challenged and taught Jamie to take personal responsibility for his mental game. This included focusing on completing the task at hand and always practicing positive self-talk.

During their roughly month long tour, Jamie and Karen stopped in Seattle. They were busy, busy, busy in the Emerald city. In one day alone, they had one TV interview, one radio interview and three question and answer sessions each followed by book signings. Despite their 12-hour-plus, non-stop day, they were incredibly gracious – even when they weren’t in the spotlight. They answered questions and bantered back and forth. Jamie signed and personalized books. Karen kept Jamie on his toes with funny stories. Together they were a hoot and half. Talk about a dynamic duo.

Want a taste of Jamie’s secret to success? (Don’t worry. It’s garter belt free.) Join me October 29 in the Make It A Great Day Challenge.


Make It A Great Day Challenge

What: One full day of positive thoughts and speech.

How: Take a moment, even just a second, once an hour to think about how you are thinking and talking. Are your thoughts or words reinforcing negatives? Re-phrase them in a positive light, focusing on what you are going to accomplish rather than what you are going to not accomplish. Then, say them again to yourself.

When: October 29, 2013

Why October 29: October 29 is Jamie and Karen Moyer’s 25th wedding anniversary. For the Moyer’s, October 29 does not just mark a quarter of a century raising eight children, playing for eight teams, and making 42 moves. It marks the anniversary of their World Series Championship five years earlier when Jamie was with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Share Your Experience: How hard was it to be positive for an entire day? What was it like? How did it make you feel? Let your experience inspire and help others by sharing it. Post it in a comment below or in a post on the RBI Club Facebook page. I’ll compile your thoughts and continue spreading the word.