The RBI Club was formed after the 1979 All-Star game in Seattle. It was originally patterned after the Royal Lancers, a volunteer sales group for the Kansas City Royals. The original six owners enthusiastically supported the program. Club founders included: Jay Porter, president of Unigard Insurance Co., serving as Commissioner; Virgil Fassio, publisher of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, serving as League Co-President; and the late Andy Smith, president of Pacific Northwest Bell, serving as League Co-President.

Among the club’s historical achievements was our participation in the 1995 campaign to build a new baseball stadium in Seattle. First, the RBI Club contributed financially to the campaign. Members also registered voters at the Kingdome and lobbied legislators and community leaders for support. Each time we look over the green expanse of the field, we are reminded of how the club helped keep baseball in Seattle.

Virgil Fassio served as Commissioner from 1992 until mid-2006 when the current Commissioner, Bob Simeone, was announced.

In 2000, the RBI Club started to support Mariners Charities such as Toys For Kids and Mariners Care. See more about their charitable work here.

Programs 1997 to 2015

Shannon Drayer, Brad Adam, Ryan Divish, Bob Dutton, Larry Stone and Rick Rizzs; Mike Muchlinski, Tripp Gibson and Quinn Wolcott; Charlie Furbush, Tyler Olson, Rick Rizzs, Aaron Goldsmoth, Kevin Cremin, Kevin Mather and Tim Hevly

Chuck Armstrong and Jack Zduriencik; Rick Rizzs, Shannon Drayer, Larry Stone, Greg Johns, Brad Adam, and Ryan Divish; Brad Miller, Danny Farquhar, Rick Rizzs and Aaron Goldsmith; Lloyd McClendon; Rusty Kuntzl; Mike Zunino and Bill Krueger; Rich Donnelly, Brad Adam, Rick Rizzs and Herb Simpson; Chris Taylor and Dominic Leone

Jack Zduriencik, Rick Rizzs, Shannon Drayer, Larry Stone, Greg Johns, Brad Adam, Larry LaRue and Jim Street; Brad Miller, Rick Rizzs, Araon Goldsmith, Dave Sims, and Jim Street; Carl Willis and Araon Goldsmith; Tom McNamara; Everett AquaSox players, coaches and front office staff; and Nick Franklin and Brad Miller.

Jack Zduriencik; Brad Adam, Shannon Drayer, Greg Johns, Rick Rizzs and Mike Muchlinski; Brendan Ryan, Rick Rizzs, and Dave Sims; Ruppert Jones and Mariner First Base Coach Mike Brumley; Gaylord Perry, Dustin Ackley, Dave Henderson, Brad and Billy Mac; Harold Reynolds, Jon Miller, and Rick Rizzs; Everett AquaSox players, coaches, front office staff and Dave Henderson; and Lucas Luetge, Carter Capps and Stephen Pryor.

Mariners Skipper, Eric Wedge; Brad Adam, Shannon Drayer, Larry Stone, Greg Johns and Rick Rizzs; Edgar Martinez; Jack Zduriencik; Doug Fister, Dave Sims and Billy Mac; Hitting Coach Chris Chambliss; Joe Castiglione and Rick Rizzs; players Trayvon Robinson and Steve Delabar; and Tom MacNamarra and Mariner Trainer Rick Griffin.

GM, Jack Zduriencik; Dave Sims and players Sean Kelly and Michael Saunders; Scouting Exec Carmine Fusco; Coach Rick Adair; Media Day: Dave Niehuas, Rick Rizzs, Matt Pittman, Kevin Cremin; Lee Tinsley and Dave Sims; Infielder Josh Wilson; Umpire Matt Mullins , Ast. GM Jeff Kingston and Rick Rizzs; Matt Tuiasosopo and Shannon Drayer; and Minor League Pitching Coach Rich Dorman.

GM, Jack Zduriencik and Kevin Collabro; KIRO Program Director Rick Rizzs and Rod Arquette; and Don Wakamatsu.



Henderson/Rizzs-Bavasi- Krueger-Perlozzo/Orioles Coach-Charlton/Wilson

5th Annual Dinner/Auction Benefiting “Toys for Kids” (Rick Rizzs and Dave Henderson received RBI Moose Clausen Community Service Award); Mariners broadcasters Dave Henderson (Former Mariner and ML veteran) and Rick Rizzs; Mariners General Manager, Bill Bavasi; Bill Krueger, former Mariners pitcher and ML veteran, now broadcast analyst; Orioles Coach Sam Perlozzo, Norm Charlton and Dan Wilson; Jeremy Reed and Pat Borders, the youngest and the oldest Mariners; Mariner manager Mike Hargrove; Mariners hitting coach and long-time ML star, Don Baylor; local heroes, John and Eddie O’Brien; Pittsburgh Pirates in the 50’s and Seattle U. Basketball Stars; and Edgar Martinez.

Dinner/Auction with Howard Lincoln (Jay Buhner received RBI Community Service Award); Asst. Seattle Police Chief and Security Consultant, Jim Pugel; Asst. to VP Scouting, Jim Fitgzgerald; Rick Rizzs and Dave Valle; Bryan Price, J.J. Putz; Bucky Jacobsen and Justin Leone; Hall of Famer Paul Molitor, Dan Wilson and VP Player Development/Scouting, Benny Looper; Moose Clausen and Jim Na, Assistant Baseball Operations; Bob Melvin and Hide Sueyoshi, Director, Intl,. Scouting; Bill Bavasi; P-I Columnist/Author, Art Thiel and Mariners Broadcast producer, Kevin Cremin; and Jamie Moyer.

Dinner/Auction with Chuck Armstrong and Bill Bavasi (Edgar Martinez received Community Service Award); Rick Rizzs and Dave Valle; Mike Cameron and Texas coaches Orel Hershiser and Steve Smith; Ron Fairly; Bob Melvin; Atlanta broadcasters Don Sutton (Hall of Famer) and Joe Simpson; Bryan Price; John Ellis; Julio Cruz and Bill Krueger; and Jeff Nelson.

Dinner/Auction with Howard Lincoln (Dan Wilson received RBI Community Service Award); Chuck Armstrong and Rick Rizzs; Dave Niehaus and Carl Hamilton; Ben Davis and Joe Staton (inner city RBI); Pat Gillick; Bill Krueger; Cubs coach Rene Lachemann and ex-ML Bill North; Lou Piniella, Bryan Price and writer Jim Street; P-I columnist Art Thiel; and Jay Buhner and Rick Griffin.

Dinner/Auction with Howard Lincoln (Jamie Moyer received RBI Club Community Service Award); Lee Pelekoudas and Rick Rizzs; Dave Henderson; Bryan Price and Joel Pineiro; Matt Sinatro and Tim Hevly; Yankees coach Mel Stottlemyre; Lou Piniella; Dave Valle, Chuck Cottier, and civic leader Dave Cohn; and Howard Lincoln and Jim Fitzgerald.

Dan Wilson and Rick Rizzs; Kansas City Broadcaster Paul Splittorff; Bryan Price and John Moses; Jamie Moyer; Lou Piniella; Pat Gillick; Chuck Armstrong and Bob Aylward; Ron Fairly, Matt Sinatro, Tom Davey and Steve Sinclair; and Yankees Jeff Nelson.

Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong; David Bell and John Halama; Dave Henderson at his Ballyard; Ron Fairly; Matt Sinatro; Bert Blyleven and Dick Bremen, Twins Broadcasters; New York Vinnie, Edo Vanni; Dave Valle; and Chuck Armstrong and Bob.

Rick Rizzs and Bob Aylward; Dan Wilson and Paul Isaki; Dave Henderson at his Ballyard; Jesse Barfield and Stan Williams; Chuck Armstrong and Rick Griffin; Yankees Broadcaster Ken Singleton and P-I baseball writer Jim Street; and Indians Omar Vizquel and Yankees Jeff Nelson.

Bob Aylward; Larry Beinfest, Dave Valle and Brian Holman; Bobby Doerr (Hall of Fame); Dave Niehaus and Ron Fairly ; Dave Henderson at his Ballyard; Bob Aylward and  Tom Gibbs; John and Ed O’Brien; Tom Paciorek, White Sox Broadcaster; and Chuck Armstrong and John Palmer.