From behind the plate and in the media box!

written by Mikaela Cowles on February 7, 2012 in Luncheons and Media Day with no comments

“Will we get to sit with one of the media again this year?” asked RBI Club member Nancy Yee before the February 3 luncheon. Yes! RBI Club members and guests shared lunch in the visitor’s locker room with Brad Adam, Shannon Drayer, Greg Johns, the RBI Club’s own Rick Rizzs, and bonus speaker Major League Baseball (MLB) umpire Mike Muchlinski.The 2012 Media Day luncheon was filled with unique baseball insights. Curious what separates a MLB umpire from the guys in Single A, AA, and AAA? The way they handle intense situations, said Muchlinski, “You have to be able to have an argument and not automatically have it lead to an ejection. Because that’s not how the game works. It’s a game of personalities and communications.”

Wondering who is Drayer’s favorite interviewee? Griffey. Interested in how Twitter and blogging changed the media world? Call up one of your fellow RBI Club members and find out.