Commissioner’s Corner with Bob Simeone

written by Bob Simeone on January 14, 2012 in Commissioner's Corner with no comments

The RBI Club was delighted to host Mariners General Manager Jack Zduriencik at our January luncheon.  Jack gave us a clear picture of the Mariners past and his visions for their next three years.

One thing is certain, dinner time must be pretty hectic in the Zduriencik household.  Jack’s phone rang at least 5 times during lunch. When it started playing the Godfather theme song, I decided the call was probably important and passed him his phone.

Members and guests were curious about bringing in a strong bat. Jack said the club was interested in getting one if the right opportunity presented itself. And low and behold, within hours of our Friday event the Mariners traded a pitcher to New York for top hitting prospect, Jesus Montero.

Isn’t it amazing what happens at the RBI Club? There’s no better resource for real baseball insights than our luncheon speakers. Please join us on February 3 to hear from five media members and a Major League Baseball umpire. It will be fun and informative, but I might just ask our guests to check their cell phones at the door.