At The Game…

written by Mikaela Cowles on March 22, 2012 in Cactus Closer and Insider Looks with no comments

It’s hard to find a bad seat at Spring Training. This isn’t the gigantic stadium you’re familiar with. The only seating is either in a small section of stands or a grassy outfield perfect for sprawling on a blanket. Seating assignments aren’t strict. After the first inning or so, wandering the stadium and trying out empty seats is normal. (However, don’t expect to wander in large groups and find seats together. These games are popular.)
Outfield seating is a definite must try. Families enjoy the extra space for their toddlers to play and explore. (Word to the wise, keep an eye out for ‘foul’ balls from these tiny tots playing catch.) Rowdier 20-somethings are full of good-natured heckles and cheers. Couple squeezes together for picnic date. The “wiser” crowd shades themselves under umbrellas. It’s a grassy hill of a good time. But remember, blankets or towels are a must, as is sunscreen and sunglasses.

Traditional ballpark fare (peanuts, hotdogs, and crackerjack) is available. As are more interesting options like freshly made doughnuts, fish tacos, and gyros. Of course, RBI Club members should always remember to save a little room the day of our Cactus Closer. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fantastic happy hour menu at the Firebird!

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