The RBI Club is about Real Baseball Involvement. Behind the scenes information is shared at our monthly luncheons. Members ask questions of special guest speakers and get straight answers. We gain new insights on the decisions that impact the team and learn about special kids coming up through the system.

RBI Club Board of Directors
Below is the list of board members with their current responsibilities. The board meets the first Friday morning of the month at 7:30 AM. If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact our Commissioner, Bob Simeone, or our Treasurer, Harry Ostrander. 

Bob Simeone – Commissioner
simeone54 (at) icloud (dot) com

Virgil Fassio – Commissioner Emeritus

Harry Ostrander – Treasurer
hostrander (at) the-bank (dot) com

Art McDonald – Immediate Past Commissioner

Dave Hope – Membership

Jerry Lee

Nancy Abramson – Secretary

(Back, from left to right – Virgil Fassio, Jerry Lee, Brian Evison, Harry Ostrander, Nancy Abramson, and Dave Hope. Front, Bob Simeone. Absent – Art McDonald.)