2015 April Recap

written by Mikaela Cowles on April 26, 2015 in Luncheons with no comments

Rick Waits at the RBI Club Lunch

At our April lunch, we were joined by Mariners pitching coach Rick Waits and Mariners broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith.

Here are a few snippets from Rick and Aaron:


About the Mustache
Aaron:How long have you had the mustache? It’s one of the most recognizable pieces of facial hair in baseball.

Rick: I’ve had mustaches. I’ve had full beards in the winter. But most of the time when the season started as a player or a coach, I shaved it all off because it makes you look younger. But two years ago I grew a beard during the winter, during my golf playing days for a couple months. And I said, I’m going to try a goatee because I’ve never had one. And I did. My wife rolled her eyes. And it did look terrible. So instead of changing the whole thing, I went with the mustache.


About Baseball Abroad
Aaron: Italy. The Dominican Republic. Obviously the United States. Where else has baseball taken you?

Rick: Korea. Japan. Okinawa. Hawaii. Spain. Kuwait. Saudi Arabia. Bahrain. Almost every Western country…A lot of those stops we were visiting American military bases. To me that has been the highlight of my life.


Keys to Coaching
Rick: The main thing is don’t do all the talking. With players you’re coaching, it’s their career. They need to take responsibility and accountability for what they do. You need to guide them. You can’t do it for them. You need to make sure you listen.


Favorite Place to Run in Seattle
Rick: Lincoln Park in West Seattle


Felix’s 15 Strikeout Win
Aaron: When Felix struck out 15 last year at Tampa Bay, that was the most fun I’ve had canvassing the other clubhouse and finding out what they think. 

I was talking to Chris Archer, a really promising young talent for the Rays, and I asked, “What’d you take away from watching Felix strike out 15 of your own guys?”

[Chris] said, “He taught me that the changeup can be a power pitch. I have always been taught that the changeup is a finesse pitch. But with Felix, it’s a power pitch.”

Click to view photos from April's lunch.

Click to view photos from April’s lunch.