2014 September Lunch Recap

written by Mikaela Cowles on September 15, 2014 in Luncheons and Player Appearances with no comments

September 2014 Lunch

You may or may not have noticed the Mariners bullpen making some less than ordinary hand gestures. The finger waving, wrist twisting, and hand jiving celebrations taking place in the outfield are in response to the Mariners success at the plate.

Earlier this year, Mariners base runners began gesturing to the dugout after singles, doubles, and triples. The true meaning behind the different gestures has never quite been nailed down. Nor has the founder of the gesture ritual.

But Friday, September 12, at the Mariners RBI Club lunch, Mariners reliever, Dominic Leone, attributed the initial wave towards the bullpen to John Buck.

As a rookie reliever, Leone discussed how important those acknowledgements are to the bullpen. Being so far away, it can be difficult to stay engaged with the team, but small antics like that are huge, he explained.

Leone also discussed the beauty of his pink backpack. “I may or may not come out with my own line of pink backpacks,” he said.

Joining Leone at the RBI Club’s annual Young Bucks Luncheon was Mariners shortstop Chris Taylor.

The two rookies played against each other in the Athletic Coast Conference (ACC) and were both drafted by the Mariners in 2012. While they took relatively the same path to the Big Leagues, Leone was called up first in April.

And then last July, Taylor also got the call. He, however, wasn’t quite sure where to go. “I had to call this guy and ask him where to park” Taylor said pointing to Leone. When he finally found the player parking lot, he didn’t have a parking pass. “They had to cone off a special spot for me,” he said.

Walking in with his Tacoma Rainiers bags, he was stopped more than once by Safeco personnel to make sure he wasn’t lost. The trip was well worth it when he walked in the clubhouse and saw his name on a jersey.

“It’s pretty cool to see your name on the back of a jersey,” Taylor said.

Photos for September 2014 Lunch

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